Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso

               THE RAT'S RAT

  Mobsterswho become rats will always have a list of excuses of what someone or everyone did wrong to make them turn. All those excuses are bullshit. Rats have made a conscious decision to sacrifice their former mob brothers and their families instead of paying for their own sins. It’s as simple as that. Everything else is a lie.

  Above is the worst example of a ratFrank Calabrese Jr. has the dubious distinction of wearing a wire and testifying against his own father, Frank Calabrese Sr., in the recent “Family Secrets” trial in Chicago. It doesn’t matter whether his father beat him every day as a kid or never let him eat Twinkies. It was his father. I’m sure Calabrese Sr. is now a strong proponent of abortion.


Fat Pete Chiodo -- Lucchese Rat after
being hit by a hail of bullets that couldn't
penetrate his blubber.





This rat, Michele Sindona, got poisoned
in an Italian jail before he could bite

A confused Lewis Kasman called himself John Gotti's
adopted son. He must have meant Sammy The Bull's.


John Alite

"Vinny Ocean" Palermo


Dominick Montiglio

 Henry Hill : The Dirt Bag He Always Was Comes Out!!!



Kevin Pappas

Autographed Books Make Great Gifts





Vincent "Vinnie" Antonelli - Rat with a heart :)



"The names have been saved to expose the guilty"

"Little Al" D'Arco

Anthony Rotondo


Steve Flemmi - Boston Rat



Frank "Salami": New England Rat

Carmine Sessa (in black) Colombo Family Rat

Primo Cassarino - Gambino Rat


Vincent Teresa -- New England Rat

Willie Boy Johnson